Zara has been teaching fitness for approx 20 years and has a wealth of experience in group exercise classes. Qualifying in 1997 with the basic level 2 Exercise to Music she then went on to train in Step, Aqua ( shallow and deep ), Fitkid and Total Body Conditioning which gave her the basic foundation of using hand weights, bands and resistance tubing.

After about five years of teaching her manager convinced her to do a Yoga course. Unfortunately Zara was not too impressed at this but continued to train and qualify with The Wheel Of Yoga...she trained in Hatha Yoga...not quite what she wanted to teach her yoga fell by the wayside and she continued to train in other aspects of fitness  such as Spin and  Chi Ball. Chi Ball is a very   unique form of exercise and very challenging.... no matter how many times you practice Chi Ball it never gets easier...Zara attended a workshop which then finally introduced her to Fitness Yoga and this she fell in love with instantly...Fitness Yoga is something that Zara practices everyday and loves the challenge that this class gives by pushing your body to extreme levels and gaining strength and flexibility all at the same time.

Zara also qualified in Circuits, HITT, Kettlebell, Plyometric training, Rebound, Fitball, Boxercise and finally Drums Alive....

Drums Alive is still very new to this country and Zara was one of the first 8 people in the whole country to qualify in this exercise. Classes became very popular due to her own style of teaching this and producing all her own choreograph which is all unique to BEWELLFIT.

She has also trained in Teacher Training and assessors, she holds a level 3 PTTLS qualification and has helped lots of instructors though their exams encouraging and guiding them where necessary. She also holds a Level 3 GP Referral and a Pre and Post Natal qualification.

Not content with all of the above she likes to train in all areas and likes to bring new and exciting things to the programme. She has recently qualified in a Level 4 Aerial yoga and this is something very new to Hastings and surrounding area.

Hobbies include walking her dog...Archie...reading and gardening ( when she gets the time ).



Kathy has worked in retail since leaving school. Kathy wanted to join in classes but like most people felt vulnerable going into classes, feeling she would be out of place, would not keep up and people would judge her being the younger sister of Zara, she also felt that she did not have the confidence to walk into even one of her sisters classes.

After a lot of convincing from Zara, Kathy took part in her first every Spin class and loved it!!!!! She then went into Drums Alive and was totally hooked, after this their was no stopping her.....after months of attending Kettlebell, Spin, Yoga ( which I hate ) and Drums Alive the weight Kathy had gained began to disappear and Kathy felt a renewed confidence. Zara needed cover for classes and asked Kathy to train....Kathy decided in Powerhoop first and passed with flying colours. She then went on to train in Rebound and finally Drums Alive. Kathy wants to continue in her fitness career and has just qualified in Chair Dance  ( Burlesque style ).

Kathy keeps her classes fun as possible and a place where people can forget all stresses of life and have an hour with friends, have a workout and have fun.

Hobbies include shopping and hanging out with friends.







training Hi everyone, I'm Jackie and I have just qualified to be a Drums Alive Instructor.

I work in Charity Retail but my passion is Drums Alive.  I started attending Zara's classes a few years ago ( Zumba, Drums Alive ) and I become hooked!!  I followed Zara to the dark side when BEWELLFIT was born and I've not looked back.  Fantastic team of instructors, no judgement only encouragement with an added drop of passion for what they do.  I use to dream of being an instructor but then I spoke to Zara about it and she fully supported me to go for it. I have found it a very powerful and fun experience which has shown to improve physical ,physiological, emotional and social health.

I enjoy socialising with friends, walking my dog, swimming and reading.  I'm really excited about this new chapter in my life and extremely excited to be part of the BEWELLFIT family.



I have always been involved in sport and fitness from a young age as my family encouraged it. I started Thai Kickboxing along side my sister and going to the gym and fitness classes and that’s when I decided I wanted to work in fitness but just didn’t know what part.

I studied for my Personal Trainer qualification alongside my Sport and Fitness Degree and started working in a gym. I loved attending classes but never wanted to teach them as I was too shy and just didn’t have the confidence, until one day a member of staff was sick and I got pushed in at the deep end and had to cover. That’s where I got hooked, using my knowledge from the Gym  and Training Systems and adapted it to a class room environment. From there on, I have done lots of courses focusing on both Gym and the Studio environment, such as GP Referral, Core Stability, Sculpt (form of body pump) Kettlebells and Boxing are to name a few. The last 5 year’s I have completed several Beachbody courses such as Insanity, P90x, Piyo and training for my Turbo kick.

My favourite classes to teach are Step Lbt, and P90X. In my spare time I run several obstacle races with friends and clients , which is always great fun around my crazy family life!

I believe exercise should be fun and achievable for all, it has certainly helped me through the darkest of days that life can throw at you.