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Always a popular class, spin has never lost its fun or gone out of fitness fashion. A highly addictive class, and once you start this form of exercise it becomes part of you. Class participates can lose themselves in the music and can escape all the stress of life by just switching off. No pressure is every felt in this class to keep up with other class members and it is the only class where you can an elite athlete sitting next to the most unconditioned participate and both will get the maximum out of their workout.

Spin focuses on endurance, strength, intervals and sprints, using a stationary exercise bike with a weighted flywheel. Spin is an effective way to burn calories and if resistance is added a good way to achieve resistance training. BEWELLFIT INSTRUCTORS HOLD THE TRADITIONAL JOHNNY G STAR TRAC ( MAD DOG) QUALIFICATION AND THE ICG MYRIDE QUALIFCATION.

Class Price


Class Times and dates

Monday 5:10pm

Tuesday 10:00am And 7:30pm

Wednesday 9:15am And 6:15pm

Thursday 5:00pm

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