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Ab attack. 30 mins of pure abdominal to build strength.

Beginners Yoga. 45 mins of learning the basic fundamental principles of yoga, flexibility and stretching

Chi ball. 30 mins of pure strength using your core based on the higher end of Pilates.

Fitball. 30 min class of toning exercises using a stability ball to aid intensity.

Flexibility FX. 45 mins of practicing and working towards complete flexibility with our ex gymnast.

Aerial hoop. 45 mins of Aerial suspension work using the hoop to practice flexibility and strength.

Boxfit. 45 mins of boxing technique followed by a circuit kickboxing session.

Clubfit. 45 mins of dancing in a club scene with disco lights and old stool club music.

Fitness hoop. 45 mins of weighted hoop work to target waist. Choreographed routines to music. Good fun class but can be tougher than you think.

Flower Power. 45 mins of old school dancing for those who remember the 50s, 60s and 70s. Old school tunes to match.

Aerial yoga 45 mins of Aerial suspension work in the hammock to build strength and suppleness and upper body strength.

Chair rehabilitation. 45 mins of seated exercise suitable for people returning to exercise after a break, injury or operation.

Drums Alive. 45 mins of pure choreographed routines to music using a ball in a bucket and drumming. A loud fun class.

Fitness yoga. 45 mins of pure stretching, strength building and flexibility. Mobility and functional poses are used for this challenging class.

Glofit. 45 mins of dance routines using all styles of music using glo sticks and disco lights.


HIIT. 45 min class. High intensity interval training, fat buster and cardiovascular workout using cardo drills and timed sessions.

Junior Aerial Yoga. 45 mins of Aerial suspension working with our qualified instructor teaching young adults from 8 yrs to 15 yrs. Kettlebell. 45 mins of Kettlebell and HIIT training mixed into a circuit based workout to build strength and endurance.

Legs, bums and tums. 45 mins of good old fashioned toning to target the areas that need it the most. Weights and bands as well as floor work.

LBT express. 30 mins of above in a express format.

Mash up. 45 mins of a surprise. Rock up and find out. Class decided on the day and by class participants.

Meditation. 45 mins of breathing, meditation and cleansing the body in a quiet relaxing state.

Pilates. 45 mins of working on core stability and strength to relign the body and spin. Great for bad backs.

Power up. 45 min class using weights in a circuit style format. Muscular strength and endurance based.

Rebound. 45 mins of bouncing on mini trampolines. High intensity but low impact. No stress on joints, choreographed to music. Spin. 45 mins of pure pedaling to music. Class includes hill climbs, sprints, flat runs.

Step. 45 mins of old style step, choreographed to music, good fun class.

Superfly bungee. 1 hour of flying through the area in a non impact and high intensity class. Great fun class.

Twizt. 45 mins of Aerobics, Latin style dancing and freestyle dancing.

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